Fritz Juengling Genealogy & Translation Services

Fritz Juengling 

Ph.D., AG®, AGL™

Genealogist / Linguist

When I was a little boy, I always enjoyed listening to stories from my grandmother, mother, and aunt about our ancestors. I was fascinated to hear about my 9x great grandmother who was hanged as a witch, my soldier ancestor who was shot in battle but the bullet was unable to be extracted and he carried it for the rest of his life, the horse thief who spent time in prison, and the men who signed to death warrant to execute King Charles. And, many other stories captivated my attention. These stories made these people come alive; they were no longer simply names on a pedigree chart. I turned my passion into research, which I started in the 1980s.

Everyone has interesting stories in their family history. I would be delighted to help you find your ancestors!